Professional development opportunities

Professional development

In order to always be a step ahead in an ever changing world, we place great emphasis on professional development and further personal training. We support the professional development of our staff in all conventional insurance sectors and are willing to seize opportunities that open up, together with our staff. As there are few broker-specific professional development opportunities, we take matters into our own hands and impart a great deal of knowledge in-house. In addition, we like to take advantage of the Group’s training programmes.


Management qualification in the Würth Group

Würth Business Academy unites all activities of the management qualification of the Würth Group and offers international seminars on technical and management subjects. By involving top management, the management programmes transmit the corporate values and management culture of the Würth Group. With its programme, the Würth Business Academy fulfils the need for life-long learning and ensures that both management and new employees are prepared and qualified for the challenges of the future.